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Want to join an elite membership of skilled craftsmen and women who are trained to be the best? Looking for a defined benefit pension? Excellent healthcare for you and your family? A generous annuity plan? If you answered “Yes”, then the Millwrights Local 443 is right for you.

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More Than Excellent Wages

Our Apprentices Have An Opportunity To Build A Career In The Construction Trades

Learn With The Best

Millwrights are precision craftsmen who install, upgrade, maintain, diagnose, and repair industries’ most complex and intricate machinery to ensure they operate in perfect working order. Work with the best of the best to gain a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Earn While You Learn

Millwrights and other construction positions are in high demand across the United States. As an apprentice with the Millwrights Local 443 you will develop industry skills while you earn top wages and enjoy excellent benefits, including: Competitive Wages, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Health Insurance, Construction Certifications.

Unlock Your Future

The UBC mission is to stand strong with our members and business partners to help them achieve success. UBC education and training advances leadership, skill, quality, productivity, safety, and attitude with the goal of creating a constructive culture within the construction industry and providing a competitive workforce for our contractors and owners.

Join A Brotherhood Of Skilled Craftsmen & Women

With a strong foothold in every industry across the United States and Canada, UBC millwrights are the go-to professionals for all construction project needs. Equipped with hands-on training in our cutting-edge facility and on-site experience, UBC professionally trained millwrights are the most skilled technicians ready to tackle any project with precision and expertise. Aspiring millwrights looking to kick-start their careers can take advantage of top-notch training and education from industry experts at our state-of-the-art facility in Parkersburg WV.

Our History

Millwright Local 443 is affiliated with The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.  The UBC officially began in 1881 when 36 delegates from 14 local unions in 11 different cities decided to organize themselves producing a stronger voice. They desired to be on equal terms with employers, establish shorter workdays and increase pay for the work provided. The UBC has established itself as one of the nation’s largest, strongest and most respected unions. Millwrighting has been an important branch of the Carpenters’ Union for the past century.

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What We Do

Millwrights throughout history have been the workers who keep a factory’s equipment running smoothly. Today, we are professionals with the knowledge of construction, installation, and maintenance of complex machinery, containing moving, interconnected parts. WV Millwrights are precision craftsmen who install, upgrade, maintain, diagnose, and repair industries’ most complex and intricate machinery to ensure they operate in perfect working order.

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Work Anywhere In West Virginia

As a member of the UBC our jurisdiction covers all of the fifty-five (55) counties of West Virginia. At our state of the art facility in Parkersburg WV, we lead the way in training, educating, and representing the next generation of skilled construction professionals. The United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) places a top priority on developing the total professional: tradespeople who are not only technical experts in their craft, but who also demonstrate effective communication and leadership qualities.

What Type Of Work Does A Millwright Do?

Millwrights are members of a sub-specialty that works mostly in metal and precision machinery. Millwrights install, maintain, diagnose, and repair equipment such as compressors, pumps, conveyors, gas and steam turbines, monorails, and extruders. UBC millwrights can be found performing mission-critical work at coal, gas, nuclear, and alternative-energy power plants. Their skills are also vital in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

What Is A Carpenter?

Carpenters are skilled tradespersons that construct, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood and wallboard. They erect framework in buildings, including sub-flooring, partitions and rafters; they install molding wood paneling, cabinets, windows, door frames, and doors and hardware. They also can build frames for concrete, build stairs and lay floors. They study blueprints , sketches and building plans, and layout and cut materials. Carpenters make up the largest single group of skilled trades workers in the U.S.

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Millwrights Local 443 Logo

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