WVCBT Endorsement Process Description

September 20, 2022

The WVCBT endorsement process is based on work related issues like restoring prevailing wage, workplace safety, enforcing and strengthening licensing laws, opposing so-called Right-to-Work, and other issues important to the Trades.

WVCBT participates in the WV AFL-CIO Committee On Political Education (COPE) process of candidate questionnaires and interviews. However, there are times when the Trades do not agree with the results of the process and opt to take a different position.

In order to ensure members’ resources are used most effectively, the WVCBT is adding a test to the endorsement process to determine if candidates have a reasonable chance of success.

The purpose of this approach is to put a greater emphasis on helping candidates who need support and have the greatest likelihood of winning their race.

The test measures candidates running for House of Delegates and State Senate, taking a number of factors into consideration.

Candidates are measured based on: if they have experience running for office in the past, their financial resources, the number of volunteers they have, the number of contacts they have with voters, the partisan breakdown of their district, the strength of their opponent, as well as other factors that indicate whether they have what it takes to succeed.

“We believe this new addition to the process will result in better electoral outcomes for the Trades,” said George Capel, Government Relations Director for the WV State Building and Construction Trades. “The goal is to elect more labor-friendly representatives to fight for working families at the state Capitol, regardless of their party affiliation.”

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