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IBEW Local 968 JATC

1845 7th Street
Parkersburg, West Virginia 26101

(304) 485-7412

Apprenticeship Coordinator: Mark Holbert

IBEW 968 – Parkersburg

IBEW Local Union 968 and the Parkersburg Chapter of West Virginia – Ohio NECA in conjunction with the National Joint Apprentice Training Committee provide apprenticeship training opportunities for residents of Wood, Wirt, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie and Tyler counties in the state of West Virginia.
We accept applications for the training program every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. Applicants must complete the application in person and present valid identification. Applicants must be a legal resident of our six county jurisdiction and provide proof of residency.  Read the most recent IBEW Notice  of accepting applications.
The apprentice receives five years of schooling (no school in the summer) coupled with eight thousand hours of on the job training.
To qualify for an oral interview an applicant must meet the following basic requirements unless he or she has a minimum of four thousand (4000) hours substantiated specifically in the electrical construction trade:

Be a minimum of 17 years of age – applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of selection and indenture
Be a least a high school graduate, or have a GED, or in lieu of a high school diploma or GED, have a two-year Associate Degree or higher, and show evidence of successful completion of:  one full credit of high school algebra with a passing grade, or one post high school algebra course (e.g.  Adult Education, Continuing Education, Community College, etc.) with a passing grade
Qualify for interview by obtaining a score of “4” or higher, using the electrical trade’s aptitude test developed and validated by the American Institutes for Research
Must have resided in the jurisdiction one (1) year prior to making application.
Must possess a valid Driver’s License at the time of interview.

Jurisdiction:  Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Tyler, Wirt, Wood counties
The Parkersburg Joint Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Committee will not discriminate against the apprenticeship applicants or apprentices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identify), sexual orientation, genetic information or because they are an individual with a disability or a person 40 years old or older.

The Recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices shall be without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin or sex.  The JATC will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunities in apprenticeship and training and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the code of federal regulations, Part 30.